Alinea Group’s DEI Board Uses Paradigm Reach to Build More Inclusive Strategies

About Alinea Group

Alinea Group — a collection of innovative restaurants that focus on modernist cuisine —  embraced their employees’ passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and wanted to launch a DEI initiative that spanned their restaurants.


A DEI Journey

To understand what would be most impactful, they created a DEI Board composed of employees from different departments — both front and back of house — that worked to define what deep DEI work within the restaurant industry could look like.

After discussing different DEI solutions, the Paradigm Reach platform came to the forefront. The committee appreciated that Reach was a solution employees could use to educate themselves about DEI asynchronously – critical to an organization where employees have very different roles, and very different hours.

"Our DEI board used Paradigm Reach to guide our monthly meetings, assigning content in advance then discussing what we’ve learned ,” said Dina Saubert, Alinea Group Guest Relations Manager and DEI Board member. “We’ve spent a year using Paradigm Reach to educate ourselves before building a broader strategy."

Food and Beverage


“We love being able to turn to Paradigm for tips, to learn what’s important, and to give focus to our DEI committee meetings. Employees love Reach and they like that it’s very accessible.”

Dina Saubert
Alinea Group Guest Relations Manager and DEI Board Member

Alinea Group's Results

Utilizing Paradigm Reach mircolearnings, readings, and resources as their guide, Alinea’s DEI Board now feels more empowered to navigate conversations around DEI topics like allyship, inclusive hiring, and inclusive performance management.

According to Saubert, Alinea Group has now evolved their HR policies, updated their employee handbook to include more specific language about protecting employees, and made major improvements in anti-harassment and discrimination trainings.

“We love being able to turn to Paradigm to provide us with tips, learn what’s important, and bring focus to our meetings,” added Saubert. “Employees love Reach and they like that it’s very accessible.”

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