Beyond Compliance: Inclusive, Modern Sexual Harassment Training

Paradigm has reimagined sexual harassment prevention training with inclusion at its core. Our online harassment training is designed to foster cultures where harassment is not tolerated, and empower people who witness or experience harassment to take action.

Our approach is designed to stop sexual harassment while meeting compliance requirements in all 50 states.

Bring Inclusion-focused Harassment Training to Your Organization
The world has changed — has your sexual harassment training kept up? With Paradigm’s online training suite, you can help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, reduce other forms of workplace discrimination, encourage bystander intervention, and further your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Engage Learners with Modern, Progressive Content
Our interactive content is designed with inclusion in mind, using scenarios and videos designed to address even subtle forms of harassment.
Eliminate Confusion on What is Considered Sexual Harassment
We help learners understand the legal landscape while also promoting an environment where all problematic behavior, even if it’s technically “legal,” is taken seriously.
Avoid Triggering, Awkward Sexual Harassment Videos
Our training takes a trauma-informed approach, and considers that some learners have already experienced harassment. Our nuanced scenarios don’t require learners to watch people reenact potentially traumatic events in order to absorb key lessons.
Equip Learners to Respond to Harassment
In foundational courses for non-managers and supervisors and bystander intervention training, we help learners understand variousways of reporting and interrupting sexual harassment and seeking care if they experience or witness it.
Provide Supervisors with Additional Knowledge
Our harassment training has an additional course for supervisors. It covers their role in fostering inclusive workplaces and their unique responsibilities around sexual harassment complaints.
Access a Robust Library of DEI Content
In addition to harassment training, organizations can access additional content to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Other training topics include unconscious bias, allyship, inclusive hiring, microaggressions, and more.
Meet Your Compliance
Requirements in Every U.S. State
Certify Your Compliance
Our training includes compliance logs for administrators and completion certificates for learners.
Access Legal Experts
Our course is facilitated by an attorney, and includes access to attorneys for any questions learners might have.
Deliver Interactivity
Our course is highly interactive, with workbooks and opportunities for self-reflection. This not only satisfies legal requirements, it helps ensure training sticks.
Integrate Into Onboarding
Many states require a new hire receives sexual harassment training within their first year. With Paradigm’s Reach platform, you can easily integrate harassment training into your onboarding process.
Delivered via Paradigm Reach
Deliver sexual harassment training online through Paradigm Reach, our modern blended learning platform. Paradigm’s unique approach to training has driven measurable impact for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
The Problem With Existing Harassment Trainings
Most harassment trainings are designed with compliance in mind — they’re designed to teach would-be harassers how to avoid engaging in unlawful sexual harassment at work. But what about more nuanced situations that may not be illegal, but are still wrong? And what about bystanders? Or people who have already experienced harassment? Most trainings don’t even consider these audiences. And worse, they often retraumatize people who have experienced harassment by asking them to watch awkward and potentially offensive scenarios at work. Although 60% of people in the US have experienced harassment, most trainings don’t even consider these audiences.
How Paradigm’s Harassment Training is Different
Paradigm used its experience helping 1,000+ companies create inclusive workplaces to design a modern sexual harassment prevention training. Our training promotes healthy work environments where harassment is less likely to occur, gives people the tools to respond effectively if it does, and satisfies compliance requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sexual Harassment?
Harassment is unwelcome conduct directed at individuals on the basis of a protected characteristic. When harassment specifically targets sex, gender, gender identity and gender expression, pregnancy status or related medical conditions, or sexual orientation, it is considered sexual harassment.

Harassment can generally arise in two scenarios. The first is called hostile work environment sexual harassment. This occurs when the unwelcome behavior creates an intimidating, hostile, or abusive work environment. The second is called quid pro quo sexual harassment, where the unwelcome behavior is a condition of continued employment or offered in exchange for something else, such as a bonus or promotion.
Why Should We Do Sexual Harassment Training?
You shouldn’t just do harassment training to meet compliance requirements or prevent a sexual harassment lawsuit. Instead, well-designed harassment training is important for fostering a safe, inclusive culture and reducing sexual harassment in the workplace.
How Long is the Training?
Our training is self paced, and the time it takes learners to complete varies. On average, the foundational course for non-managers takes an hour to complete, the foundational course for supervisors takes 2 hours, and the bystander intervention course takes an hour.
Does the Package Include Bystander Intervention Training?
Yes, the harassment prevention package includes an hourlong bystander intervention training that empowers witnesses to act when they see unwanted behavior. The training meets the new compliance requirements in Chicago, and we recommend it for employees in any location.
Who Facilitates Your Training?
Our harassment training is facilitated by Michelle Lopez, a DEI expert and attorney, and Analia Stratton, a DEI and adult learning expert. All of our DEI courses are facilitated by the world’s leading experts in their fields.
How is the Training Delivered?
The sexual harassment online training is delivered through Paradigm Reach, our blended learning solution. Learners can access it via Paradigm’s platform with a simple login or through your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) of choice.

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