Harassment Prevention Training
A modern approach to sexual harassment training that fosters inclusion and meets compliance requirements

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Shift the Paradigm
Your Complete Suite of Solutions for Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organization.
Online training
Paradigm Reach
A learning platform for teams that want to build their diversity, equity, and inclusion skills.
Paradigm Blueprint
An all-in-one platform for building, benchmarking, and managing DEI programs that will drive impact.
We help you build a company people are proud to work for. Our comprehensive suite of technology, tools, and consulting are designed to transform your organization, cultivating a culture where employees from all backgrounds and identities can do their best work and thrive. Here's how:
Educate & Upskill Your Team
Your culture is shaped everyday by your employees. Every interaction is an opportunity to advance - or undermine - inclusion.
From preventing sexual harassment to managing unconscious bias, our Reach DEI online training platform equips your team with the skills they need to foster a more inclusive workplace
Our team of DEI training experts work with you to lead custom workshops, discussions, and advise your DEI team
Build an Impactful DEI Strategy
Diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures require thoughtful systems, processes, and policies.
Our Blueprint analytics and strategy platform enables you to track your DEI data, assess your current state, build impactful DEI initiatives, and benchmark on key metrics
Our team of experts can support you in tailoring, implementing, and evolving your DEI strategy, and surveying employees
Why Paradigm?
Grounded in research. Focused on impact. Designed and delivered by the world’s leading experts. Our suite of DEI solutions have helped 1,000+ companies around the world build stronger, more inclusive organizations.

"With Paradigm’s help, we have seen a huge cultural shift, and data proves the programs, processes and frameworks we’re putting in place are moving the needle.”

VP of Transformation

As a leader I am stronger, as an organization we are smarter, and real change is afoot due to the validation and guidance offered by Paradigm.”

Sr. Global Director of Learning & Development

“Reach is simply excellent … a succinct, nuanced, and thoughtful exploration of both the ways that unconscious bias undermines the best of intentions, and the easy, straightforward ways that we can overcome it.”

Chief Executive Officer

We chose Paradigm because it offers the ability to self-assess the infrastructure and workforce practices that directly tie to DEI progress. The process is thorough, yet easy, and produces useful insights…”


“Reach has really empowered every group to think about how they can apply key DEI concepts to their function — how can we make our admissions process more inclusive? How can we make our staff feel like they belong?"

People Operations Coordinator

Our Impact
From Fortune 500s to fast-growing startups, the most forward-thinking companies around the world partner with Paradigm.
global organizations we've partnered with to drive change
increase in employees’ understanding of how to use evidence-based strategies to foster inclusion
increase of underrepresented groups in leadership
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