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Training & People Development

Empowering your workforce to be the change they want to see

We partner with clients to drive accountability from the top while supporting employee-led and grassroots efforts. We provide training, coaching, and consulting to equip your workforce — from executives and managers to individual contributors — with the skills they need to create inclusive, equitable environments where people feel like they belong.

Allyship Workshop

Allyship—the continuous practice of advancing a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive, and conscious actions that benefit others—is one of the most impactful ways individuals can contribute to equitable, inclusive organizations. Our training equips participants with a framework and tools to be an effective ally in the workplace through everyday interactions, in-the-moment interventions, and ongoing advocacy.

Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop

Research indicates that compliance-oriented unconscious bias training doesn’t make a difference. We studied what really drives change, and designed a new approach that actually works. Our trainings help people understand how unconscious bias undermines diversity and inclusion, effective decision-making, collaboration, and management, and motivates them to engage in specific, effective behaviors that create more effective leaders, more productive teams, and a more inclusive organizational culture.

Listening Circles

A truly inclusive culture is one where employees can vocalize their lived experiences—both at work and outside of it—and feel seen, heard, respected, and valued. In Listening Circles, experienced facilitators cultivate an environment of psychological safety and trust, where small groups can share and connect about recent events, workplace experiences, and the impact both have on their sense of belonging and well-being.

Understanding Anti-Racism Workshop

As energy and collective action in support of anti-racism grow, organizations and leaders have an opportunity to use their power and influence to drive meaningful social change. This training is designed to deepen people’s awareness around racism, anti-racism, and how both show up in professional contexts and society, and to spark reflection around how individuals, teams, and organizations can take meaningful action rooted in anti-racism.

Inclusive Culture Workshop

An inclusive culture is an effective culture. We use our proprietary Inclusive Leadership Framework — organized around Objectivity, Belonging, Voice, and Growth — to help companies proactively foster inclusion at every level of their organization. Our Inclusive Leadership workshops equip managers and leaders with the skills they need to build and sustain an inclusive culture: we facilitate a discussion on key barriers to inclusion that leaders have a unique opportunity to influence, and specific leadership behaviors that establish inclusive norms and drive equitable outcomes. Our Inclusive Workplace workshops are designed for all employees: we equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to an effective culture where people from all backgrounds can thrive.

Belonging Workshop

A wealth of research supports the value of designing inclusive organizations. When people don’t feel like they belong, they either they leave the organization or cover up their differences and try to assimilate. As a result, organizations miss out on important perspectives, social networks, and creativity. These workshops share research on the importance of belonging and provide strategies employees can use to cultivate a sense of belonging in their environment.

Growth Mindset Workshop

A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and talents are malleable rather than fixed traits. Research shows that many of the qualities of effective leaders — pushing yourself, taking risks, and staying resilient in the face of setbacks — are more common in people with a growth mindset. These workshops teach participants about the impact of a growth mindset, how to foster a growth mindset in oneself and others, and how to infuse a growth mindset into company culture.

Training Sustainability

Having a plan in place that helps your employees remember and use what they learned during a workshop is essential. We work with you to create a strategy and resources that help ensure training takes hold in your organization, from guides that facilitate follow up group discussions to D&I checklists and timely nudges for key people processes where bias and non-inclusive behavior can emerge.

DEI Advising & Leadership Coaching

Executive commitment is one of the most important elements of successful D&I programs, but many leaders don't have the skills they need to understand and champion key efforts. We advise CEOs, Executives, and Boards on organizational philosophy and accountability, and coach HR, Talent, and D&I practitioners on effective execution.

Employee Resource Groups

We support employees in creating and sustaining effective employee resource groups (ERGs/BRGs) and councils. We lead chartering exercises to set groups up for success , advise on goals and group structure, and support the implementation of programmatic efforts.

How to foster a growth mindset at work

"Paradigm is giving us the insights, tools and strategies we need to evolve into a more diverse and successful workplace. The feedback from our employees on their Unconscious Bias and Growth Mindset workshops is universally positive, and I can already see the ripple effect of Paradigm’s work as I see behaviors changing."

Michele Bousquet, Senior Director of Organizational Development, GoPro

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Business benefits

  • 99% of attendees understand key D&I concepts after a workshop 
  • 74% of people trained commit to at least two behaviors to mitigate bias 
  • 25% organization-wide increase in structured interviewing methods post-training
  • Action-oriented, facilitated by experts, and grounded in decades of research

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