OCHIN senior leaders bring DEI learning to life with Paradigm Reach

OCHIN—a nonprofit leader in equitable health care innovation and a trusted partner to a growing national provider network—works toward a vision of well-being and good health for everyone. In line with their health equity mission, the organization also embodies equity from within, nurturing a representative, fair, and inclusive workplace for all employees.

percentage point increase in employees' understanding of strategies to foster inclusion

With its health equity mission in mind, OCHIN’s Vice President of People and Culture LisaMarie May focused on evolving and scaling an impactful diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) program for OCHIN’s workforce. She quickly identified two key areas for success:

  • Helping employees understand how to advance DEIB in their everyday work.
  • Giving employees tangible tools and resources they could use to do so.

To reach these goals, May evaluated potential partners and determined that Paradigm’s approach to DEIB education, including the wealth of resources combined with a focus on translating learning to action, was the best solution for OCHIN. The organization used the Paradigm Reach blended learning platform as their foundation, building a tailored learning journey for various employee audiences that combined full courses, microlearnings, and downloadable resources.

“Paradigm has been our trusted DEIB partner for years. Their focus on using training to drive action combined with their ability to address any DEIB topic has played a huge role in upskilling our workforce.”

LisaMarie May
Vice President of People and Culture, OCHIN

OCHIN tapped into their senior leaders to bring that learning journey to life and emphasize the importance of DEIB to the organization, using Reach content as a starting point.



For example, as a part of an OCHIN “learning day,” vice presidents watched two Reach microlearnings with their teams, then facilitated live discussions using Reach guides, and helped their teams come up with actionable plans on applying the learning to their daily work.

Paradigm also gives OCHIN’s leaders the ability to advance their DEIB skills. In addition to the DEIB training they receive, if the DEIB team sees feedback from employee surveys or exit interview data that shows there are opportunities for leaders to improve, they share that data with that leader and can build a tailored Reach curriculum that helps that leader grow. According to May, “most leaders want to be equitable and inclusive—it’s powerful to be able to show them data on where they should focus and to couple that with trusted content that addresses that exact topic. I don’t think any DEIB training platform besides Reach has the breadth of content and flexibility to make that possible.”

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