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Paradigm REACH is a modern and interactive eLearning platform that delivers impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion training to any employee, anywhere, anytime.

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The best of Paradigm’s in-person workshops

Paradigm REACH takes a curriculum that has motivated change for more than 50,000 people across 6 continents, and brings it online. Using videos, quizzes, and guided self-reflections, REACH equips employees with skills and strategies for fostering a more inclusive environment, and gives them the tools they need to sustain learning long after the course is complete.

The convenience of online training

REACH can be delivered via computer, tablet, or mobile device using your organization’s own Learning Management System. Now, you can easily embed diversity, equity, and inclusion training into onboarding, train distributed workforces, and offer ongoing refresher courses.

The expertise of industry leaders

Paradigm REACH courses are taught by Joelle Emerson and Erin L. Thomas, PhD, who have helped transform diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for the world’s most forward-thinking companies. The courses translate research to relevant workplace scenarios, helping employees understand key concepts and build skills that foster more inclusive workplaces.

Available Courses

Our first course - Inclusion at Work: Managing Unconscious Bias - addresses the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, provides tips to recognize and manage unconscious bias in work-specific contexts, and helps learners build skills to foster a more inclusive workplace. We currently offer three versions of the course, each tailored to the needs of specific employee populations:

  • Corporate - for employees in HQ or office environments

  • Customer-facing - for employees who interact with customers and clients

  • Backend - for employees that work in distribution centers, warehouses, or other non customer-facing environments

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