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Paradigm REACH is a modern and interactive eLearning solution that delivers impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion training to any employee, anywhere, anytime.

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The Building Blocks of Inclusion Across the Employee Lifecycle

REACH helps organizations deliver relevant, engaging diversity, equity, and inclusion training to employees when they need it most. REACH’s library of eLearning modules gives learners the knowledge, skills, and strategies to foster inclusion in their everyday work.

Available modules include:

  • Understanding unconscious bias

  • Managing unconscious bias in day-to-day interactions

  • Managing unconscious bias and fostering inclusion in customer interactions

  • Managing unconscious bias when evaluating work

  • Inclusive hiring

  • Inclusive performance management

Learners can take modules individually, in tailored learning journeys customized to meet the needs of your unique workforce, or in pre-built courses designed by Paradigm.

The best of Paradigm’s in-person training

REACH takes a curriculum that has motivated change for more than 100,000 people across 6 continents, and brings it online. Using videos, quizzes, practical activities, and guided self-reflections, REACH equips employees with skills and strategies for embedding inclusion into their day-to-day work, and gives them the tools they need to take action.

The convenience of online learning

REACH can be delivered via computer, tablet, or mobile device using your organization’s own Learning Management System. Whether you’re looking to provide foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion training across your organization, embed training into onboarding, scale training to a large or distributed workforce, or provide timely nudges in advance of key people decisions, REACH is designed to enable transformational change. Learn how organizations are using Paradigm REACH

The expertise of industry leaders

REACH modules are taught by Joelle Emerson, Dr. Evelyn Carter, and Dr. Carissa Romero, who have helped transform diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for the world’s most forward-thinking companies. The modules translate research to relevant workplace scenarios, helping employees understand key concepts and build skills that foster more inclusive workplaces.

Online training with Paradigm REACH

Clients have deployed REACH across more than 80,000 learners.
After taking the course:

More than 99% of learners understood the concept of unconscious bias

More than 90% of learners felt equipped to manage unconscious bias

More than 96% of learners were committed to creating an inclusive environment

More than 91% of learners intended to use at least one strategy to manage bias

More than 88% of learners would recommend the course to a colleague

More than 88% of learners felt confident about their employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

"I loved this course! Being in a management role for over 15 years, this has been the most insightful course I have ever taken on bias training and awareness. But being aware isn’t enough. This course gave actionable ideas on how to make sure I incorporate awareness into my daily interactions to make sure I am being inclusive and fair."

Paradigm REACH Learner

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