Who Should Come

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HR & Diversity Professionals

Learn about some of the latest research in this space, and gain greater insight into how different organizations are implementing D&I strategies (including barriers and success stories).

Develop new strategies for attracting, engaging, and hiring a diverse workforce, and learn more about key barriers that can stand in the way.

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Individual Contributors & People Managers

Develop a better understanding of the key components of an effective D&I strategy, and learn more about how you can contribute to fostering diversity and inclusion in your workplace.


Develop new strategies both for driving change within your own firm, and for equipping your portfolio companies with the skills they need to grow diverse,
inclusive organizations.

“With Paradigm’s help, we have seen a huge cultural shift, and data proves the programs, processes and frameworks we’re putting in place are moving the needle.”

—Erin Grau, VP of Operations, The New York Times

“If an organization gets an opportunity to work with Paradigm, they should make sure not to miss it.”
—Mike Curtis, VP of Engineering, Airbnb

What to Expect

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Hear from Paradigm’s experts on the latest research around key themes like Unconscious Bias, Belonging, and Growth Mindset.

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Brainstorm on how to implement data-driven D&I strategies that meet your organization’s needs.

Connect with peers from a variety of industries across the country on new challenges and opportunities to drive impact.

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We’ll be providing a toolkit that shares tactics and tools to help you design and implement high-impact diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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We’ll share strategies to help you attract and engage candidates from a wide range of backgrounds through effective messaging and targeted sourcing.

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We’ll provide tools that enable you to design a structured, inclusive hiring process that produces more equitable hiring outcomes

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We’ll consider tactics for growing and advancing a diverse workforce through effective, inclusive internal processes.

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Finally, we’ll share strategies for cultivating an  inclusive company culture where all employees can thrive, boosting performance and retention.

Interested in Attending?

We’re hard at work putting together the next D&I Lab. Attendance is limited in order to ensure intimate conversation among participants. If you are interested in attending one of our future labs, sign up to be notified as new labs are announced.

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