Your DEI Strategy Needs a Plan. Blueprint is Your Architect
A platform for building, benchmarking, and managing your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, created by the world’s leading experts.
Assess Your Efforts
Use Blueprint’s online assessment to tell us about your organization. You can collaborate with colleagues to answer questions and share data directly from the platform.
Benchmark Key Metrics
See how you’re doing, and how you compare to other organizations, across the five domains most critical to DEI. Our insights into these five domains are based on years of experience working with hundreds of organizations, and have been vetted by leading academics.
Build Your Roadmap With Expert Recommendations
Blueprint identifies efforts you should prioritize to drive impact and provides expert resources to help you take action.
Take Action
You’re ready to start executing your DEI strategy! Use Blueprint to assign action items, share resources, and track your progress. You can also partner with Paradigm’s experts for support to implement your strategy.
Blueprint in Action
Learn how dozens of companies are using Blueprint as their go-to DEI strategy and benchmarking platform.
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