Build Effective, Inclusive Leadership Skills
Assessments and training that give people managers the skills they need to lead diverse teams, boost employee performance and engagement, and unlock creativity and innovation.
What is Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive Leadership is critical to leading innovative teams where everyone is empowered to do their best work. While everyone in an organization can and should contribute to fostering an inclusive culture, leaders — who are tasked with driving business results, advancing people’s careers, and strengthening your organizational culture  — have a uniquely important role to play.


Paradigm’s Inclusive Leadership framework has been used by hundreds of companies across industries, from American Express to Grubhub. The proprietary, four-part approach focuses on:


  • Objectivity: Making more consistent, equitable decisions
  • Belonging: Creating a culture where everyone can bring their authentic, full selves to work
  • Voice: Ensuring people’s voices are heard, valued, and respected
  • Growth: Fostering an environment of learning and growth

How Bias Influences People Decisions

How can you make more objective, inclusive people decisions? Watch this video from Paradigm Reach to learn more.

Bring Impactful Inclusive Leadership Programming to Your Organization

Anyone who makes people related decisions in your organization should have critical skills to advance your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We’ve designed an approach that both raises awareness and motivates people managers to adjust their behaviors.

Our Inclusive Leadership offering — all built around our four-part framework — includes:

Live Training

Our world’s leading DEI experts can facilitate live, interactive workshops on inclusive leadership and help leaders apply what they learn to their everyday work. Options include a single workshop, multi-workshop learning journeys, and workshops built specifically for executive teams.

Online Training

With Paradigm Reach, you can deliver a five-part Inclusive Leadership program, equip leaders with tangible learning on key themes like inclusive hiring and inclusive performance management, and roll out microlearnings on topics like how to discuss current events at work, and how to communicate effectively across cultures.

Resources That Translate Learning to Action

We have checklists that help leaders make more objective decisions, foster cultures of belonging and psychological safety, and create growth mindset environments.

Inclusive Leadership Assessments

We offer self-assessments that allow leaders to evaluate their strengths and gaps in terms of inclusive leadership. Leaders get a custom report outlining their strengths and opportunities for growth. We then offer custom training and coaching options to help leaders make progress.


We offer high-touch support though one-on-one and group-based sessions with experts who have helped managers across industries navigate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our expert DEI consultants will advise you on the best approach for your organization — including how to equip employees who aren’t leaders with the skills needed to foster inclusion — and support you with implementation every step of the way.


How Our Training Drives Impact

After a Paradigm Inclusive Leadership training, 93% of leaders felt motivated to foster inclusion and 83% said they now knew what strategies to use. Our training will help your leaders:


their unique responsibility, and ability, to foster inclusion


a framework for managing unconscious bias in key people-related decisions, create a sense of belonging for their team, contribute to a culture where everyone has a voice, and foster a growth mindset environment


in specific behaviors that create more productive teams and a more inclusive organizational culture

See How Other Top Companies Leverage Paradigm’s Training & World Class Experts

“With Paradigm’s help, we have seen a huge cultural shift, and data prove the programs, processes, and frameworks we’re putting in place are moving the needle.”

The New York Times

Shift the paradigm

Our team of award-winning DEI experts work together to help our clients build stronger, more inclusive organizations.

Here’s a sample of our results:

1000 +

companies helped with DEI initiatives

19 pt

increase in employees’ confidence in DEI initiatives

20 %

increase in leaders from underrepresented backgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is inclusive leadership important?
Inclusive leadership is effective leadership. It’s critical for leading diverse teams, fostering stronger work environments, empowering everyone to do their best work, and driving better outcomes. It also helps leaders make better decisions and gives them frameworks for key processes like assigning work, giving feedback, and managing performance.
What are inclusive leadership traits?
Through our research and work with more than 1,000 organizations, we have found that inclusive leaders do four things differently. They use clear, consistent criteria to make decisions, and communicate those criteria to their teams; create cultures where employees feel like they belong and are valued; ensure that all employees feel like they have a voice; and create opportunities for all employees to grow. While these practices foster a more inclusive culture for everyone on a team, they’re especially impactful for employees from underrepresented groups.
Who should take inclusive leadership training?
Anyone who manages people or makes people-related decisions should take inclusive leadership training.
What are the pillars of inclusive leadership?
The four pillars of inclusive leadership are Objectivity: Making more consistent, equitable decisions, Voice: Ensuring people’s voices are heard, valued, and respected, Growth: Creating an environment of learning and growth and Belonging: Creating a culture where everyone can bring their authentic, full selves to work.
How do I know if I am an inclusive leader?
The best way is to take Paradigm’s inclusive leadership self-assessment. You can also look at employee feedback from surveys.

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