Employees From All Backgrounds Thrive Through the Paradigm Inclusive Leadership Framework

“Our Inclusive Leadership Experience is designed to motivate colleagues to engage in specific, effective behaviors for fostering an inclusive environment. The experience is based on the four pillars of Paradigm’s inclusive leadership framework:


Making equitable decisions is key to strong management. Research shows that barriers like unconscious bias influence decision-making, undermining objectivity and equity in key outcomes like hiring, performance management and promotions.


A sense of belonging is critical to health and well-being. It also has an impact on retention, engagement and performance. While this is true for all employees, those from underrepresented backgrounds are particularly likely to face hurdles to belonging.


Giving all employees a voice is essential to surfacing the best ideas. It’s also a key aspect of ensuring people feel included and valued.


To lead innovative, high-performing teams, leaders must invest in employee development and foster a growth mindset culture where people are inspired to set high goals, take on challenges, learn from mistakes, and grow their skills.

Through this experience, which we are rolling out to people leaders across the company globally, we hope to see even better inclusion scores, especially on the individual team level, from colleagues in next year’s survey.”

Sonia Cargan
Chief Diversity Officer

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