Work where you belong

Are you passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion? Do you want to empower companies to design better products, deliver better services, and build a better world?

If so, Paradigm may be the place for you. Check out our current job openings here, and our work principles, perks and benefits below.

Perks and benefits


We believe in ongoing learning and offer employees a number of professional development opportunities throughout the year, from full access to our Reach online learning platform to a quarterly learning series to individual opportunities aligned with an employee’s growth goals.

Paid time off

Paradigm offers 15 days of PTO your first year, and 20 days after your first year anniversary. Our sick days are unlimited so you can care for your physical and mental health.

401(k) with employer matching

Your financial future is important to us! We offer a generous 401K program with employer matching.


We offer a wellness reimbursement that you can use for services like gym membership, meditation courses, dance classes, yoga, acupuncture, and more.

Remote Work

Paradigmers enjoy the flexibility of working remotely.


We offer 3 months of paid leave for all new parents, plus an optional reduced work schedule upon return. We also provide work travel stipends to new parents covering childcare costs and breast milk shipping expenses.

Our Core Values

We prioritize impact

Organizations have the power to drive lasting impact on the world around them. By helping companies become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable internally, we aim to produce positive change externally. We prioritize impact with our clients and the projects we choose.

We follow data and research

Effective diversity and inclusion strategies are grounded in quantitative and qualitative data and informed by thoughtful research. We let data define effective practices, use research to guide our approach, and measure the effectiveness of our work.

We treat each client as unique

While many companies face similar challenges, each has unique strengths and areas of opportunity. The context, culture, and norms of an organization matter — they inform our understanding of barriers and choice of strategies. Rather than applying purported best practices, we work with each client to identify and design strategies and tools that will be most effective for their organization.

We value diversity and inclusion

Creating diverse and inclusive teams is both a moral and a business imperative. Treating employees fairly while empowering everyone to do their best work is the right thing to do. It’s also critical to building effective, high- performing teams. Just as we believe diversity and inclusion will make our clients stronger, we know that bringing together people who come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences, and hold different perspectives will make our own team better.

We embrace a growth mindset

We believe that people and organizations can grow and change. To foster a growth mindset internally and with our clients, we encourage setting bold and challenging goals, taking thoughtful risks, communicating openly about mistakes and failures, and giving honest, candid feedback. We value learning and growth over perfection.

Work Principles

Working at Paradigm

The following principles guide our approach to work at Paradigm:


is treating ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, and everyone we interact with while at Paradigm with respect, empathy, and care so that we can all do our best work.


is delivering impactful work, investing in our own learning and growth, and taking responsibility for our mistakes.


is approaching our work in a way that prioritizes individual, team, and organizational well-being.


enables us to work collaboratively across teams, functions, and geographies, while responding to the dynamic needs of clients and our company.

Join the Paradigm Team

Below are the currently available roles here at Paradigm. New opportunities open on a regular basis and we’re always on the lookout for fresh new talent.

Current Job Openings

Bringing together backgrounds in psychology, organizational design, people analytics, sociology, data science, and law, and we all share a common goal — equipping our clients create and sustain diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations.

Our Team

Our comprehensive suite of consulting services, interactive workshops, and products are designed to drive systemic and individual level change.

Our Solutions