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Announcing Our New Paradigm Reach Course: Preventing and Addressing Workplace Violence

Melanie is passionate about building technologies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the business and product leader of Paradigm REACH, she helps companies deliver world-class, ongoing DEI learning to their employees.


I’m thrilled to announce our latest Paradigm Reach course, “Preventing and Addressing Workplace Violence.” This training is designed to equip organizations and employees with the knowledge and skills to foster a safe, respectful work environment where violence is not tolerated. 

The course also meets training requirements for California’s new SB 553 law, which requires California employers to adopt a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan and training by July 1. But, like all of our compliance trainings, it goes beyond just checking the box. It helps learners understand why physical and psychological safety is critical to a workplace, how that safety fosters more inclusive environments, and specific actions they can take to cultivate a safer workplace. It also takes a trauma-informed approach and provides resources on how to care for themselves.

Course Details

The interactive Preventing and Addressing Workplace Violence course explores how to recognize behaviors that could constitute workplace violence, how to respond to those behaviors, and the role each of us can play to create a safe workplace.

The course covers key definitions and information about workplace violence, including the four main categories of workplace violence and examples of each:

  • Type I: Incidents where the perpetrator has no legitimate relationship to the business or its employees.
  • Type II: Violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, or others whom the organization provides services to.
  • Type III: Acts of violence or aggression between employees within the same organization.
  • Type IV: Violence committed by someone who has a personal relationship with an employee, such as domestic violence that spills over into the workplace.

Our course also provides actionable guidance on:

  • Identifying Warning Signs: The behaviors and indicators that may signal an impending act of violence.
  • Responding Effectively: The appropriate steps to take when violence occurs, including de-escalation techniques and emergency response procedures.
  • Empowering Supervisors: The additional responsibilities managers have to report and act on warning signs and events if they occur. 
  • Supporting Affected Employees: How to provide support and resources to employees impacted by workplace violence.

The course can also be customized to help meet some of the additional requirements of the SB 553 law.


The course is immediately available in Paradigm Reach, our blended learning platform used by hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of employees around the world. Companies can implement the course using their own Learning Management System (LMS), or using our Reach online platform. 

For more information about pricing and to demo the course, sign up for a 1:1 session with our experts here.

May 31, 2024

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