Paradigm Bridges Gender Gap Through Equitable Processes

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) had always been a core value for this environmental technology organization. To drive progress, the organization wanted to understand their unique challenges and opportunities and evolve their DEI strategy. They used Paradigm Blueprint to assess their DEI maturity, and partnered with Paradigm on an inclusion survey to better understand how employees from different backgrounds experience the culture. When evaluating the data from both, Paradigm identified a critical gap — women were having less positive experiences than men when it came to getting their voice heard and believing that decisions are fair. Women also scored lower than men on belonging, and felt less positive about the company’s commitment to diversity.


30% point increase in employees who believe in building diverse teams

93% of women now feel they belong

10% point increase in employees who believe values DEI

Building the Strategy

With those findings, Paradigm and the organization’s people team developed a tailored strategy focused on building a stronger culture of inclusion, reducing differences in experiences across groups, and increasing representation in key areas. 

According to the organization’s Director of People, “Paradigm put together a checklist of things that the organizations needed to prioritize. It was good for me to see the breadth of what would be best practices when the strategy was fully implemented, that was really helpful.” 

To help build alignment, Paradigm hosted leadership sessions that were critical to getting everyone on the same page and bringing the new strategy to life. 


Executing the Strategy

With leadership’s buy in and Paradigm’s continued guidance, the organization implemented several initiatives including:

  • Communicating the company’s DEI strategy, its goals, and its progress at multiple company-wide townhalls. 
  • Building out nuanced role-level competencies so employees understood what it takes to grow.
  • Provided ongoing advising on the implementation of DEI efforts, and coaching for leadership.
  • A follow up inclusion survey to understand the impact of the new DEI initiatives.

Software Development

“Our engagement with Paradigm was definitely positive. The leadership sessions had an effect on the way teams are now led. And sharing and being transparent about the inclusion survey results had a big impact.”

Director of People

The Results 

In 2022, the organization’s inclusion survey showed improvement in a number of areas. Of all employees 94% believe the organization values DEI and 89% believe the organization builds diverse teams. And contrary to their 2021 survey, they’ve now bridged the gender gap — 91% of men and 96% of women believe there are equal opportunities to succeed for people from all backgrounds, 84% of men and 86% of women feel included in team discussions, and 89% of men and 93% of women feel they belong. 

According to the organization, Paradigm’s full-service engagement of advising and training made a tremendous impact on the organization. The advice they received was very comprehensive and has led their organization to make better decisions, promote equity in their processes, and create a positive culture for all employees. 

“Our engagement with Paradigm was tremendous,” the Director of People said. “The leadership sessions had an effect on the way teams are now led. And sharing and being transparent about the inclusion survey results had a big effect.”

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