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How Four Different Organizations Drove DEI Impact in 2022

| Content Marketing Manager  
As Paradigm’s Content Marketing Manager, Allison utilizes her research and writing expertise, experience in working cross-collaboratively amongst teams, and drive to create compelling content around diversity, equity, and inclusion.


In 2022, many organizations made significant progress towards their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. We explored some of the trends in our latest “State of DEI” report, but also wanted to share some of the exciting successes organizations we partnered with had this year. 

We’re thankful these organizations chose Paradigm to support their DEI efforts — perhaps their progress will help inspire your efforts in 2023! 

Solution Tree

Focused on creating a culture of learning, Solution Tree wanted to give its staff the skills it needed to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. After trialing Reach, Solution Tree rolled it out to hundreds of employees in four different countries. Less than a year later, Solution Tree has seen a 75 percent increase in hiring candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

“Paradigm Reach had a plethora of content, and everyone on our diversity team appreciated the broad array of topics and perspectives. Each month we were able to provide our employees with more resources and training to facilitate deeper, awareness building conversations.”

-Sarah Ely, Solution Tree’s Director of Human Resources


During a period of hypergrowth, Hologram — a cellular platform designed for the Internet of Things — worked with Paradigm to design an efficient, objective, and equitable hiring process. Then they partnered with Paradigm on a blended learning approach, combining group training with Reach’s online training, to educate their team. The result? After partnering with Paradigm, almost 30% of Hologram employees were people of color and almost half were women or non-binary, both groups that were previously underrepresented. 

“We knew that our hiring goals needed to include building a more diverse team to serve our diverse range of customers.”

-Courtney Seiter, Hologram Vice President of People

Kent District Library

After committing itself to being an actively anti-racist organization, the Kent District Library wanted a solution that would allow their employees to continually learn about timely DEI topics. With Paradigm Reach, the Kent District Library teams not only upskilled themselves, they used Reach’s resources to create library displays that helped educate the community.

We really felt that Paradigm Reach was the most accessible solution for our organization. We value Reach’s intentional approach to creating ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion learning journeys.”

-Shaunna Martz, Region Manager II, Kent District Library 


The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) focuses on identifying the world’s major health problems, how society addresses them, and how leaders can best dedicate resources to maximize health improvements. Recognizing the connection between their commitment to healthy inequity and DEI, IHME wanted to diversify their workforce and build a more inclusive culture. Paradigm provided IHME with a roadmap designed to drive measurable impact, gave employees an understanding of organizational practices through a DEI lens, designed an inclusive structured hiring process, and provided formal training. 

“There’s no way we would have been able to do this without the ground work from Paradigm. Now we have an expert leading a group that is primed for change with existing training.”

-Kelsey Bannon, IHME Director of Organizational Development



December 21, 2022

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