Hologram Partners With Paradigm to Create & Scale Inclusive Hiring

About Hologram

In 2021, Hologram — a cellular platform designed for the Internet of Things — was preparing for a period of hypergrowth and sought outside expertise to design an efficient, objective, and equitable hiring process. Hologram turned to Paradigm to design and roll out a revamped hiring strategy.

Inclusive Candidate Experiences

Paradigm began the engagement by gathering context, conducting deep-dive interviews with leaders, and reviewing existing documentation like team-level hiring guides and interview questions. Through collaborative sessions, Paradigm worked with Hologram to map out the processes and systems that would not only improve hiring outcomes, but also align with the way work gets done at Hologram.

The result? An end-to-end hiring playbook to guide anyone involved in hiring at Hologram. Accessible through a shared workspace, the playbook also includes research underscoring the approach and tips that employees can adopt to mitigate bias and create a more inclusive candidate experience.

Paradigm also reviewed Hologram’s existing Applicant Tracking System and suggested improvements for data analysis and interpretation (e.g., understanding pipeline representation, source success, hiring rates by demographics, etc.).

To support the roll out of the new playbook, Paradigm facilitated Inclusive Hiring workshops across the organization. This gave managers an understanding of how to create an inclusive experience for candidates, use structure to mitigate their own biases, and drive objective decisions.

"I was onboarding when we started partnering [with Paradigm] on the hiring playbook,” said Seiter. “I learned the lay of the land faster than I would have because of their deep-dive interviews. I was able to quickly uncover the true feelings and blockers we might encounter."



“We knew that our hiring goals needed to include building a more diverse team to serve our diverse range of customers”

Courtney Seiter
Hologram’s Vice President of People.

Hologram's Results

With an inclusive, equitable approach to hiring in place, Hologram moved into the next phase of its DEI journey and focused on upskilling all employees. Hologram now uses Paradigm Reach – a DEI blended learning platform that provides online training, microlearnings, access to live workshops, and resources to sustain learning. Now, every employee at Hologram has access to education on topics like unconscious bias, inclusive hiring, and allyship.

Since the implementation of the playbook, the Hologram team has grown from less than 50 to more than 180, and they hope to hire dozens more in 2022. The combination of Paradigm’s training, learning platform, and hiring playbook helped the company make significant progress towards their DEI goals — almost 30% of employees are People of Color and almost half are women or non-binary, both groups that were previously underrepresented. (Check out more of their progress on representation in Hologram’s 2021 Diversity Report).

While Hologram has made great strides, they know there still is plenty of work to be done.

“I want to go from looking at Hologram as a company to looking at the needs at the department and squad level,” said Seiter. “I want to make sure diversity is not siloed in some areas and neglected in others.”

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