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Announcing Paradigm Blueprint: Your Platform for Creating DEI Strategies that Drive Impact

| Co-Founder & CEO  
Before founding Paradigm, Joelle was a civil rights lawyer. Joelle’s legal background highlighted the consequences that can result from companies failing to consider diversity and inclusion early, and inspired her to found Paradigm.


Most organizations know there’s no silver bullet for creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. Still, leaders across industries struggle to prioritize the right initiative to drive impact. When there’s so much work to do, it can be hard to know which effort to focus on, and whether the things you’re doing are working. Many organizations with the best intentions end up spending a lot of time, and money, on things that just don’t move the needle. 

Over the past seven years, Paradigm has had the opportunity to partner with hundreds of organizations to design, deliver, and measure a range of DEI efforts. We’ve focused on an in-depth, comprehensive approach that pairs existing research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and custom strategy design. In the last 18 months, as the need for this work has rapidly increased, we’ve looked at ways to make our analytics approach, our years of insights, and our tools and resources more accessible so that organizations of all sizes and across industries can take a more effective, data-driven approach to DEI. 

Today, I am thrilled to share that we’ve taken everything we’ve learned and built a DEI strategy platform that empowers any organization to build, measure, and manage DEI programs that work: Paradigm Blueprint

How Does It Work?

With the Blueprint DEI strategy platform, you have an all-in-one solution for assessing your current DEI efforts, identifying and implementing the programs that will drive impact with expert guidance, and tracking their progress. The product is easy-to-use, and guides you step-by-step:

  • With the assessment tool — developed using insights from over seven years of analyzing organizational DEI efforts — you’ll provide data about your people, processes and policies, and current DEI efforts.

  • Blueprint analyzes those efforts and gives you scores across the five areas we’ve found are most critical to DEI, and benchmarks those scores against peers. Soon, Blueprint will also benchmark your employee representation by gender identity and race/ethnicity against peers. Those metrics live in your analytics dashboard.

  • Based on that data, Blueprint uses its recommendations engine to identify your company’s strengths and areas of opportunity, and suggest specific areas of focus. The recommendations engine relies on years of data about the specific efforts that are likely to be most impactful.

  • Every recommendation is accompanied by expertly designed and curated resources that can guide you in taking action. Blueprint also allows colleagues across different functions — for example, DEI and talent acquisition — to collaborate and track progress together, directly through the platform. 

The scores and recommendations are completely tailored for your organization.

Our Scoring Methodology 

Blueprint gives your organization a score across five domains:

  • Leadership Involvement: how committed and accountable are your leaders? Are they equipped to lead an inclusive workplace?
  • Talent Lifecycle: how does your organization embed DEI into their talent lifecycle?
  • Employee Representation: how diverse is your organization across a range of demographics?
  • Employee Experience: does your organization have norms, policies, and benefits in place that enable an inclusive workforce?
  • External Influence: how does your organization further DEI in the world around them?

How Does Blueprint Decide What Will Drive Impact?   

The recommendations that accompany the scores are using a framework developed by Paradigm designed to prioritize the efforts that will have the most impact. We consider how effective it’s been proven to be, how visible it is to employees, how foundational it is to other efforts, and how easy it is to execute.

The approach was developed using the insights Paradigm’s gleaned from working with hundreds of organizations around the world, and it has been vetted by external academic experts. 

Blueprint’s Impact 

Dozens of organizations of various sizes across industries have already used Blueprint, and have given the platform rave reviews. You can read more about some companies’ experience with Blueprint and the progress they’ve made here

How Do I Bring This to My Organization?

Blueprint is easy-to-use, affordable, and can be implemented immediately. It’s an online platform, so there is not complex set up — you just login from the Blueprint website. 

Once you subscribe to Blueprint, you will have access to the platform for a year.

If you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of Blueprint and discussing how it can drive impact for your organization, we’d love to chat. Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

October 27, 2021

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