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Paradigm Strategy Drives Smarter Leaders, a Stronger Organization, and Real Change

“Initiating rigorous, challenging and complex work around a topic many of us are deeply inexpert in is never easy. The journey to a more equitable organization requires a leap in a context where leaps are difficult, costly and vulnerable to take. Paradigm shared with us that an assessment should feel ‘like a look in the mirror you were glad you took.’

It was a promise to execute on relevant, tangible and resonant content. A rather lofty proposition. Perched here on the other side of that initial chasm, I can share that the promise was not only kept but exceeded. As a leader I am stronger, as an organization we are smarter and real change is afoot due to the validation and guidance offered by those I am now happy to call partners, friends and continued inspiration.”

Heather Currier Hunt
Sr. Global Director of Learning & Development

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