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ICYMI: The Latest Free DEI Resources from Paradigm

| Content Marketing Manager  
As Paradigm’s Content Marketing Manager, Allison utilizes her research and writing expertise, experience in working cross-collaboratively amongst teams, and drive to create compelling content around diversity, equity, and inclusion.


At Paradigm, we’re committed to sharing what we find works when it comes to driving more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. Our experts are continually creating new guides, writing blogs, and hosting webinars with DEI consultants that can help you drive impact in your organization and culture — it can be hard to keep up! With that in mind, at the end of each quarter, we’re centralizing the highlights here! Here are some resources you might have missed (or want to revisit) in Q1 2023.


How to Measure Your DEI Maturity

Wondering where you are on your DEI journey and how you can continue advancing progress? This webinar can help — it looks at:

  • How you can use a simple metric to benchmark your efforts
  • Using data to better prioritize your DEI initiatives this year
  • DEI reporting

Watch the webinar here

Five Ways to Drive DEI Impact

Where should you invest your DEI efforts this year? In this webinar we cover:

  • What companies did well in 2022 and how they can continue progress in 2023
  • How you can identify and focus your DEI efforts on the areas that will move the needle
  • How you can continue garnering support for DEI from key stakeholders

Watch the webinar here

Using Surveys to Foster Inclusion & Retain Top Talent

Surveys can help you understand how your employees are experiencing the organization and pinpoint DEI challenges. But, while 85% of companies survey employees, less than half are using the data to drive DEI progress. This webinar explores:

  • Why inclusion matters
  • How to design and execute impactful inclusion surveys and communications
  • The key themes that inclusion surveys should cover
  • Examples of how organizations have used inclusion surveys to identify and close DEI gaps

Watch the webinar here


Downloadable Resources

Five Steps for Impactful, Inclusive Employee Surveys

Whether you loved the webinar so much you’re looking for a checklist you can share with colleagues or you prefer reading, not watching, this guide can help. It covers everything from survey design to deployment, analysis, and taking action on the results.

Download the checklist here

Four Steps to Building an Equitable Compensation Strategy

Our four-step process for developing and communicating a comprehensive compensation strategy not only helps you close the pay gap, it helps ensure gaps don’t re-emerge. 

Download the checklist here.  


New Blog Series: DEI Fundamentals 

Our new blog series, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Fundamentals, provides foundational knowledge on definitions, concepts, and best practices. Highlights include:

Learn more about key DEI topics in our blog series here.

April 13, 2023

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