Natalie Johnson

Founding Partner

Natalie leverages years of tech industry experience and an organizational psychology background to design and execute innovative diversity strategies. As a former People Analyst at Google, Natalie developed and analyzed a wide range of diversity initiatives.

Natalie is an expert in unconscious bias, from analyzing potential bias in companies’ people processes to training employees and managers on how to manage and mitigate bias. Natalie was one of the original facilitators for Google’s unconscious bias training, and has led hundreds of unconscious bias workshops for thousands of employees around the world.

Natalie’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, and she has been cited as a diversity and inclusion expert by USA Today and Times of India. She serves on the Board of Directors for Friendfactor, a San Francisco-based LGBT nonprofit organization. Natalie holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University Teachers College. In addition to her work at Paradigm, Natalie is the co-founder and Head of Product at Bottle Bracket, a San Francisco-based wine club.

Pronouns: She/her