Aimy Ngo

Director of Strategy & Operations

Aimy leads efforts in business development, strategic growth, and operations. As Paradigm’s Director of Strategy & Operations, she’s focused on growing our impact with existing clients while expanding our work to new industries, organizations, and geographic regions. Aimy developed operational expertise as a consultant at the Accenture Innovation Center in London and at Accenture Strategy, where she delivered strategic initiatives across multiple Global 500 and FTSE 100 companies. Aimy has spearheaded major business partnerships and implemented innovative programs in areas of enterprise technology, customer relationship management, and business policies. She has designed and led dozens of C-Suite workshops for major brands focused on human resource development, operational excellence, sustainability, and customer strategy.

Aimy is passionate about women’s rights and youth mentorship. She has led various inclusion-focused workplace initiatives, ranging from International Women’s Day events to local partnerships, and she spends her free time mentoring youth at organizations such as Publicolor and Young Enterprise. Aimy holds a master’s degree in Political Philosophy from King’s College London.

Pronouns: She/her