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At Paradigm, we believe in the power of many to drive meaningful change in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our partnerships are built on trust, expertise, and a shared dedication to making workplaces more inclusive.
Join Paradigm’s Industry-Leading Partner Ecosystem
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Bring the expertise of the world’s leading DEI experts to your customers or community

Access and collaborate with our global community of DEI and HR leaders shaping workforce strategies across industries

Integrate our proven DEI frameworks into your products, services, and offerings

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How to Partner with Paradigm
Partnering with Paradigm means joining a collective effort to build more inclusive workplaces. Together, we can empower change, foster diversity, and build equitable environments for everyone.
Portfolio Support
Have a portfolio of companies or clients you want to help drive DEI impact? We partner with private equity firms, venture capital firms, law firms, and more to create community around DEI, advise and consult, and offer preferred pricing.
Referral Partnerships
Refer Paradigm to your clients and unlock access to our extensive support and resources — we offer a variety of referral models that center better DEI outcomes. We also love recommending vetted technology solutions and service providers to our clients to support them in achieving their DEI goals.
Product Partners
We infuse DEI principles into your existing products. Additionally, we can collaborate on developing new solutions that cater to the dynamic demands of the evolving DEI landscape.
Custom Partnerships
Have an idea for another type of partnership? We’d love to talk — our depth of expertise and flexibility allows us to work with all types of organizations to reach their DEI goals.
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