Our Clients

From Fortune 500 firms to leading tech startups, the most innovative and progressive companies partner with Paradigm to design and implement effective D&I strategies. We work with clients across industries and around the world. Our clients include:

The Daily Dot
The New York Times
Zillow Group


Erin Grau
Vice President, Operations at The New York Times

“When it comes to expanding our diversity & inclusion efforts, we felt an urgency to best serve our readers by more authentically and intuitively understanding their needs, diversifying perspectives and fueling innovation. We had the will to change, but we didn’t have all of the tools. And then we met Paradigm.

We first chose Paradigm to design our unconscious bias training because their workshops are action-oriented and grounded in social science research. Their training received an overwhelmingly positive response (99% of employees understood the concept of unconscious bias, 97% intended to engage in behaviors to reduce bias, and 90% would recommend the workshop to a colleague). We immediately saw the strategies from training employed throughout our teams, leading to more effective decision-making, increased collaboration and better management. We then started working with Paradigm over the following months to build out a roadmap, with the most ambitious project a complete overhaul of our hiring process end to end, which has allowed us to improve hiring efficiency and the candidate experience while removing bias from the process. With Paradigm’s help, we have seen a huge cultural shift, and data proves the programs, processes and frameworks we’re putting in place are moving the needle. Our biggest success story to date has been a double-digit increase in the share of women in technology. Paradigm has helped create and shape our diversity & inclusion strategy, and they are a valued partner as we continue to build a culture that includes everyone and allows every employee to bring their whole, authentic self to this storied institution every day.”

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Candice Morgan
Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest

“Paradigm was an instrumental partner in helping Pinterest shape the beginning of our Inclusion & Diversity journey. They embrace a data-driven, research-backed approach. They remain a highly effective and trusted partner as we move into the more nuanced realm on building sustainable, accountable inclusion programs.”

Michele Bousquet
Sr. Director of Organizational Development at GoPro

“Paradigm is giving us the insights, tools and strategies we need to evolve into a more diverse and successful workplace. The feedback from our employees on their Unconscious Bias and Growth Mindset workshops is universally positive, and I can already see the ripple effect of Paradigm’s work as I see behaviors changing.

I’m deeply grateful to have connected with the team at Paradigm and our relationship with them continues to expand. Paradigm is unlike other firms I’ve worked with, because they are a company that truly embodies growth mindset. Although they clearly lead the industry in skills and knowledge, they relentlessly continue to research and learn more, and, as a result, to get even better.”

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Reini Chipman
Chief People Officer at Simple

“Paradigm successfully led us through a thorough assessment, analyzed the findings, and shared recommendations on what steps we can take now and in the coming years. Real talk – the recommendations were powerful and hard to hear.

Even though we know systemic institutionalized oppression is everywhere in our culture, it’s challenging to have your own failures highlighted. Paradigm’s secret sauce is that their consultants bring both heart and subject matter expertise in helping us learn how the way our people systems are architected is unintentionally getting in the way of building equity, engagement, and performance against our mission and goals. They also helped us discover that we have many strengths in our community already that we can leverage as we grow.”

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Grayden Holubar
People Strategy Lead at Artsy

“Paradigm produced a nuanced, comprehensive, specifics-heavy assessment that covers broader conclusions about our hiring process as well as recommendations for specific teams and a quantitative consideration of patterns in interview feedback.

Generous, articulate, communicative, patient, and, perhaps most importantly, realistic—[the Paradigm team] didn’t shy away from talking through what might be possible and what might just not really matter or be feasible for the company, regardless of the ideal for perfect un-bias we all aim for.”

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Tiffany Bennett
HR Manager at The Daily Dot

“We chose to work with Paradigm since their staff takes a scientist-practitioner approach to evaluating diversity in organizations. They left no stone un-turned and worked together with us to conduct a diversity assessment. They conducted multiple analyses and cut through all the data to deliver us actionable feedback for our unique needs.

Furthermore, I was confident their findings/suggestions were grounded in research and not just what’s trending in the diversity space. As a previous consultant, I appreciated their willingness to work with us to tailor the assessment to meet our expectations and they met all deadlines and deliverable as expected.”

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Dan Spaulding
Vice President and Head of People and Culture at Zillow Group

As a data driven and transparent culture we could not have found a better partner to work with, and learn from, than Paradigm. They helped us to not only see the data, but to connect it to the everyday experience of our employees. Aside from their strengths as consultants they have a unique capability to facilitate groups of executives, employees, and diversity champions.

They make tough conversations approachable and help you to realize that there is a large community that we can all contribute to and learn from in making the workplace more inclusive.”

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Sandra McDevitt
SVP People and Places at Quantcast

As we continue to scale our company and refine our Diversity and Inclusion strategy we are fortunate to be able to partner with Paradigm. Their robust data-driven approach to Unconscious Bias in particular has elevated our thinking across all of our people and places strategies. They have been critical to raising awareness and educating our leadership teams and all of our employees.

Their consultants inspire confidence and we will continue to work together to build a strong community, focused on inclusion and results.”

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Jennifer McKaig
Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Etsy

“Paradigm was able to evaluate all of our processes, even when they were rapidly changing and give us a realistic improvement plan. This report enables swift and impactful change.

Heather Currier Hunt
Sr. Global Director of Learning & Development at IDEO

“Initiating rigorous, challenging and complex work around a topic many of us are deeply inexpert in is never easy. The journey to a more equitable organization requires a leap in a context where leaps are difficult, costly and vulnerable to take. Paradigm shared with us that an assessment should feel ‘like a look in the mirror you were glad you took.’

It was a promise to execute on relevant, tangible and resonant content. A rather lofty proposition. Perched here on the other side of that initial chasm, I can share that the promise was not only kept but exceeded. As a leader I am stronger, as an organization we are smarter and real change is afoot due to the validation and guidance offered by those I am now happy to call partners, friends and continued inspiration.”

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Lucia Guillory
Head of People at Patreon

“I love working with Paradigm and have partnered with the team across a number of projects. They’ve delivered top-notch support every time. Their approach leverages state-of-the-art diversity, equity, and inclusion research, and makes information on these often complex and sensitive topics accessible to everyone. They’re extremely proactive and highly responsive consultants and expert and caring teachers.”

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