Webinar Recap: Modern Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Allison Sakounthong

For some employers across the nation, sexual harassment training is only seen as a compliance requirement strongly encouraged by the federal government and required by a growing number of states. These organizations deliver training that covers the basics like different types of sexual harassment, and it’s perhaps sandwiched between other trainings on data security and corporate policies. 

For more forward-thinking companies, harassment prevention training is more than just checking the compliance box. Instead, it plays a key role in fostering an anti-harassment culture for employees and furthers their overall DEI strategy. 

Recently, our founder and CEO, Joelle Emerson led a webinar exploring this more modern approach, including: 

  • How anti-harassment training can further or negatively impact inclusive cultures 
  • How to differentiate harmful versus helpful harassment training
  • Why harassment training should be a part of a DEI strategy and not just compliance training 
  • How to implement the five pillars of successful modern harassment training

The attendees also discussed their company’s current harassment training, common challenges, and where they’re going next. 

You can watch the webinar on demand here.

October 14, 2022

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