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New Paradigm Report Explores the Future of Inclusive Remote Work

Two years into the pandemic, it’s clear that remote and hybrid work is here to stay. If distributed workforces are the future, what are the implications for diversity, equity, and inclusion? To answer that question for our latest report, we dug into our data — specifically, aggregated results from our Inclusion Survey, which organizations use to understand how people from different demographics experience their organizational culture. 

After comparing the responses of employees who took the survey after the pandemic began to those who took the survey before the pandemic, we found a critical area organizations should be paying attention to: belonging. Overall, there’s been a 9% decrease in employees who feel like they belong at their company after May 2020. 

However, when we looked at the data broken out by race and ethnicity, our findings became more complex. In contrast to other demographic groups, Black employees’ experience of belonging increased by 5% over the same time period. And, there was a 22% increase in Black employees who said they can be their authentic selves at work.   

In the report, we:

  • Explore why Black employees’ experiences of belonging might have differed from their colleagues from other demographic groups during the past two years; 
  • Share why belonging, which is tied to employee engagement and retention, should be a focus area for the future of work; and 
  • Provide tactical tips for fostering belonging for employees, from hiring through retention. 

Download The Future of Inclusive Remote Work report here!  

February 28, 2022

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