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Let’s Break It Down | 2022 Year in Review

Evelyn Carter, PhD
| President
Evelyn is a social psychologist and DEI expert focused on evolving and advancing the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


This year, I launched Let’s Break it Down as a way to connect the dots between prevalent conversations in popular culture and/or the news and what you — company leaders; people invested in diversity, equity, and inclusion; fellow data nerds like me — can take away as insights. As we wind down the year, here’s a roundup of the top five topics that resonated with you all the most from this year.

To Run the DEI Marathon, Pace Yourself and Have a Plan

It was exciting to hear that CultureAmp found that 49% of organizations have a strategic DEI plan. This revealed that more than two-thirds of organizations were making an effort to implement DEI strategies, but it also raised the question of what was necessary to get that other 51% on board. I identified the three most common challenges companies face when trying to achieve their DEI goals.

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We Bend the Arc Toward Justice with Clarity, Consistency, and Accountability

During Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s common to cite MLK’s seminal quote, “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” But what does that really mean and look like today? This year, I discussed how organizations can put these words into play and what to consider when working for justice with clarity, consistency, and accountability.

A More Diverse Middle-Earth, a Black Ariel, And the Danger of the White Default

What do The Little Mermaid, House of the Dragon, and The Rings of Power have in common? In casting actors who are people of color, they’re furthering equity in the media. But some of the reactions to these casting decisions highlighted the danger of the White default. I explored why some people react negatively to inclusion efforts, and how these conversations play out in organizations.

What Can We Learn When Queen Bey Uses an Ableist Slur?

This summer, Beyonce’s latest album RENAISSANCE got expected attention with a side of unexpected criticism. As it widely received backlash for using terms considered to be ableist slurs, I explored the idea that language is not universal, and therefore that there may not be an absolute right or wrong way to express yourself. Instead, I introduced a framework for how to make decisions when confronted with this type of situation.

Avoid Quiet Quitting Through Clear Expectations and Sustainable Work

Quiet quitting was trending all over the news this year, but I didn’t buy that it was really about employees wanting to do the bare minimum at work. As employees deal with (or avoid) burnout by setting boundaries at work, I explored how organizations could keep their workforces engaged and, instead of blaming employees, reflect on how the lack of clear expectations lead to unsustainable workplaces.

The Future of LBID

Thank you for a wonderful year! Let’s Break it Down will be on hiatus until April 2023, but you can keep up with me until then on Twitter and LinkedIn. Have a wonderful rest of 2022, and see you soon!

December 15, 2022

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