Announcing Our New President, Dr. Evelyn R. Carter

| Co-Founder & CEO  
Before founding Paradigm, Joelle was a civil rights lawyer. Joelle’s legal background highlighted the consequences that can result from companies failing to consider diversity and inclusion early, and inspired her to found Paradigm.


I am thrilled to share the exciting news that Dr. Evelyn R. Carter will be stepping into a new role at Paradigm as our company President. Paradigm has exciting plans in the years ahead, and Evelyn’s expertise is exactly what we need to guide our next phase.

Over the past few years, seismic changes in the world — a societal awakening around racial injustice, and a pandemic that’s disproportionately impacting people of color while catalyzing a shift to remote/hybrid work — have had a huge impact on DEI. As we look to our future, we recognize that we have a unique chance to help organizations not only navigate these changes, but also use them as an opportunity to transform for the better.

In our first six years as a company, we’ve partnered with 1,000+ organizations to design, deliver, and measure the impact of a range of DEI initiatives, giving us a wealth of data and insights into what actually works to advance DEI. As we look toward the future, our goal is even more ambitious: we want to use all of the knowledge we’ve gained to create the blueprint for effective DEI efforts, and help scale this work to as many organizations as possible. To do this, we’re building a comprehensive suite of technology, tools, and consulting to drive organizational change. Evelyn’s leadership will be central to our success. 

Evelyn is particularly skilled at translating research into action and inspiring people to make change. Her combination of research expertise, practical experience advising leaders across industries, and focus on centering marginalized groups give her unique insight into the future of effective DEI. 

Over the past decade, Evelyn has been at the forefront of DEI research, and her work is as fascinating as it is practical: much of her research focuses on how to teach people about bias in a way that actually changes behaviors. In the last three years at Paradigm, Evelyn has grown from Senior Consultant to Managing Director of Training & People Development, leading our largest team of DEI practitioners. She has also become a trusted resource for leaders across industries on how to drive DEI impact within their organizations. 

As Shanique Bonelli-Moore, executive director of inclusion at UTA, shared, “Evelyn has an unparalleled ability to help organizations and executives embrace their potential to drive positive change in society, be vocal advocates of social justice, lead increasingly diverse workforces, and do right by their employees.”

In her new role as President, Evelyn will leverage her own research, our team’s expertise, and the data and insights we’re gathering from our clients to create and evolve Paradigm’s blueprint for effective DEI. As we continue to learn and evolve our work, Evelyn is committed to sharing her insights with the larger community of DEI practitioners and HR leaders. I encourage you to subscribe here for updates around her written insights, as well as invitations to virtual roundtables and discussions she’ll host throughout the year. 

With that, please join me in celebrating Dr. Evelyn Carter as Paradigm’s first President!

January 19, 2022

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