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to build stronger, more inclusive organizations.


We believe that with the benefit of diverse perspectives, our clients will design better products, deliver better services, and build a better world. We take a data-driven approach and draw on behavioral science research to design effective diversity and inclusion strategies.


We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify barriers to diversity and inclusion and design targeted, effective strategies to address those barriers. Our assessment framework considers how your organization Attracts, Selects, Develops, and Retains your workforce.

We analyze data to identify patterns in hiring, performance, promotion, and attrition, as well as employee perceptions of organizational culture. We then leverage qualitative research - for example, analyzing job descriptions, conducting focus groups, and observing decision-making processes - to give meaning to these patterns. Based on this analysis, we create a diversity and inclusion strategy designed to meet the needs of your organization.
In assessing diversity and inclusion, we analyze the following stages of the employee lifecycle:


Candidate pipeline

Sourcing strategy

Job descriptions

Career site


Interviewing process

Recruiting funnel

Hiring outcomes



Performance scores

Performance feedback

Mentoring & sponsorship

Promotion rates


Retention & attrition

Cultural inclusivity

Rewards & recognition

Policies & benefits

Consulting & Advising
Once your organization has a strategy in place, we offer ongoing consulting and advising on strategy design and implementation. Through this partnership model, we work with clients to execute new initiatives, partner to help implement and track efforts, and monitor impact to ensure effectiveness.
Workshops and Trainings
We train employees, managers, and C-level executives on strategies to cultivate more diverse, inclusive organizations. We offer workshops on Unconscious Bias and Growth Mindset. Both are action-oriented and grounded in decades of social science research.
Our Unconscious Bias Workshops emphasize that unconscious bias is a significant barrier not only to diversity and inclusion, but to effective decision-making, team collaboration, and management. Our workshops train participants to identify and manage unconscious bias in areas like recruiting and hiring, team dynamics, and career development.

Our Growth Mindset Workshops teach participants about the consequences of fixed and growth mindsets, how to foster a growth mindset, and how to infuse a growth mindset into company culture.

Download our White Paper on Managing Unconscious Bias.

We work with clients to cultivate diversity by taking the same innovative, iterative, and metrics-driven approach they use to build products.

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