Foster Inclusion While Meeting Illinois and Chicago Sexual Harassment Compliance Requirements
Paradigm’s harassment prevention training not only meets Illinois and Chicago compliance laws, it fosters cultures where sexual harassment is not tolerated and empowers people to take action.
New York Sexual Harassment Compliance
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Paradigm — the world’s leading diversity, equity, and inclusion company — has partnered with companies throughout Illinois to create more inclusive, safe workplaces.

Compliance Defined: Fulfilling Your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Needs in Illinois

Paradigm’s harassment prevention training allows companies to meet all of Illinois legal requirements including:

  • The harassment and discrimination prevention training requirements of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/5-10.5), incorporating changes made to relevant laws through Public Act 102-664
  • The sexual harassment prevention training requirements of the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5/2-109(B))
  • The City of Chicago’s enhanced requirements, including one hour of bystander intervention training
Beyond Compliance: Creating an Anti-Harassment Workplace

Most harassment trainings are only designed with compliance in mind — they’re designed to teach would-be harassers how to avoid engaging in unlawful sexual harassment at work. But what about more nuanced situations that may not be illegal, but are still wrong? And what about bystanders? Or people who have already experienced harassment? Although 60% of people in the U.S. have experienced harassment, most trainings don’t even consider these audiences.

Paradigm has reimagined sexual harassment prevention training with inclusion at its core. Our harassment prevention training goes above and beyond what is required in Illinois, helping you create an anti-harassment environment while furthering your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

How Paradigm’s Harassment Training is Different From Others

The world has changed — has your sexual harassment training kept up? With Paradigm’s online training suite, you can help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, reduce other forms of workplace discrimination, and further your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Engage Learners with Modern, Progressive Content

Our interactive content is designed with inclusion in mind, using scenarios and videos designed to address even subtle forms of harassment.

Eliminate Confusion on What is Considered Sexual Harassment

We help learners understand the legal landscape while also promoting an environment where all problematic behavior, even if it’s technically “legal,” is taken seriously.

Avoid Triggering, Awkward Sexual Harassment Videos

Our training takes a trauma-informed approach, and considers that some learners have already experienced harassment. Our nuanced scenarios don’t require learners to watch people reenact potentially traumatic events in order to absorb key lessons.

Equip Learners to Respond to Harassment

In foundational courses for non-managers and supervisors and bystander intervention training, we help learners understand variousways of reporting and interrupting sexual harassment and seeking care if they experience or witness it.

Provide Supervisors with Additional Knowledge

Our harassment training has an additional course for supervisors. It covers their role in fostering inclusive workplaces and their unique responsibilities around sexual harassment complaints.

Access a Robust Library of DEI Content

In addition to harassment training, organizations can access additional content to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Other training topics include unconscious bias, allyship, inclusive hiring, microaggressions, and more.

Shift the paradigm

Building Better Businesses in Illinois

Our team of award-winning, interdisciplinary experts all share the same goal — helping our clients build stronger, more inclusive organizations. From Fortune 500s to fast-growing startups, the most forward-thinking companies around the world partner with Paradigm.

Global organizations we’ve changed through DEI initiatives

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Which type of employers are required to train their employees?
Any employer with at least one Illinois-based employee must provide sexual harassment training to their company.
Are employers required to train independent contractors or third-party employers?
No, neither third-party vendors or independent contractors are specifically required to undergo training. However, it’s highly advised that contractors who work on-site at the workplace or regularly interact with staff should also receive the training.
What material must be covered in sexual harassment training in Illinois?
You must define sexual harassment according to Illinois law, provide examples of misconduct that constitutes illegal sexual harassment, display a summary of statutory provisions that relate to sexual harassment, and provide the responsibilities of the employer in cases of sexual harassment.
What documentation is required to maintain compliance regarding sexual harassment prevention training?
Employers must keep a record of all attendees of trainings, which can consist of a physical sign-in sheet, unique digital certificate of participation, or signed acknowledgment of participation.
Is this training required for part-time, short-term employees, or interns?
Yes, if an employee is on a company’s payroll, they should receive the training.

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