Safiya Castel, PhD


Safiya is passionate about shaping organizations into inclusive spaces for people from all backgrounds, and minimizing the barriers to career entry and advancement for people from underrepresented groups. Safiya brings to Paradigm a broad knowledge of social-psychological research on prejudice and discrimination, with an emphasis on subtle and insidious forms of bias that perpetuate barriers to diversity within organizations. Safiya’s research focuses on how majority group members reward people from underrepresented groups who uphold the power and influence of the majority group, while penalizing those who challenge that status quo.

Given her intensive research background, she also brings strong quantitative data analysis skills and an ability to distill the latest research in the fields of social psychology and organizational behavior into usable information that can be applied to the formation of impactful D&I strategy. Safiya has a PhD in Management & Organizations from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Pronouns: She/her