Alex Ruiz, PhD


Alex designs and facilitates training programs that build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. Alex uses his broad knowledge of the social-psychological research on stereotyping, implicit bias, and organizational culture to inform training programs. His own research has focused on gender and sexual orientation diversity and discrimination in the workplace — more specifically, he’s interested in how gender stereotypes and helping behaviors intersect in the workplace, the reprisals men may face for not satisfying masculinity norms, and the experiences of sexual minority employees in hostile organizational cultures.

With this expertise, alongside years of experience in tech and Human Resource Management teaching, Alex is able to distill the latest research in social psychology, organizational behavior, and human resources into easy-to-understand information that can be used for employee training or the formation of impactful DEI programs. Alex received his PhD in Organizations & Management from the University of California at Irvine Merage School of Business and received his MBA from the Loyola Marymount University College of Business Administration.

Pronouns: He/him