Ada Thatcher-James

Senior Consultant

Ada brings a research background and a wealth of teaching experience to Paradigm’s diversity and inclusion work. Ada honed her research skills at the Stanford Social Psychological Answers to Real-world Questions (SPARQ) Lab, where she used research methodologies and data analysis techniques to develop scientifically tested fixes to real-world problems. At Paradigm, Ada applies her research expertise to analyze companies’ hiring, performance, and promotion practices and propose strategies to mitigate unconscious bias.

Ada also gained years of teaching experience at Stanford, where she served as a guest lecturer and won the 2016 Stanford Zimbardo Teaching Award. Ada is particularly passionate about organizational education, and leverages her teaching expertise to design and deliver dynamic, high-impact trainings to employees, managers, and leaders. Ada holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology from Stanford, where she received the Robert B. Zajonc award for her research thesis focused on unconscious biases in the courtroom.

Pronouns: She/her