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Organizations have the power to drive lasting impact on the world around them. By helping companies become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable internally, we aim to produce positive change externally. We prioritize impact in the clients with whom we partner and the projects we choose.


While many companies face similar challenges, each has unique strengths and areas of opportunity. The context, culture, and norms of an organization matter - they inform our understanding of barriers and choice of strategies. Rather than applying purported best practices, we work with each client to identify and design the strategies and tools that will be most effective for their organization.


Effective diversity and inclusion strategies are grounded in quantitative and qualitative data and informed by thoughtful research. We let data define effective practices, use research to guide our approach, and measure the effectiveness of our work.


Creating diverse and inclusive teams is both a moral and a business imperative. Treating employees fairly while empowering everyone to do their best work is the right thing to do. It’s also critical to building effective, high-performing teams. Just as we believe diversity and inclusion will make our clients stronger, we know that bringing together people who come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences, and hold different perspectives will make our own team better.


We believe that people and organizations can grow and change. To foster a growth mindset internally and with our clients, we encourage setting bold and challenging goals, taking thoughtful risks, communicating openly about mistakes and failures, and giving honest, candid feedback. We value learning and growth over perfection.

Join the Team

If you're passionate about taking an innovative approach to diversity, we want to hear from you!

Engagement Manager

We’re looking for an Engagement Manager to plan, manage, and execute high-impact engagements for clients, while partnering with potential clients to identify needs and design solutions. As an Engagement Manager, you'd develop client relationships, manage client engagements, and manage other team members.

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Data Scientist

We’re looking for a Data Scientist to join our team, leading analyses of people-related data and providing analytical support on a number of projects. Are you passionate about using data to help companies become more inclusive? Our data science team is the place for you.

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Chief of Staff

We’re looking for a Chief of Staff to advise our leadership team on growth initiatives and process improvements, and execute on key strategic initiatives. You'll work closely with our CEO and Director of Strategy & Operations to help us achieve our goals and make greater impact with clients.

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Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

We’re currently not hiring for this role, but feel free to send us your resume and a short cover letter to work@paradigmiq.com for future consideration.

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